Campus Sustainability

In conjunction with the Sustainability Ambassadors, Net Impact is fighting for improved campus sustainability at ESMT Berlin. Learn more about what is happening on the Sustainability Ambassadors page.

Action Education Haiti

For several years Net Impact has financially supported 3 students in Haiti through their studies. We sell Haitian chocolate or coffee, with all proceeds going to the students. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were no products to be sold so we opted to directly ask for donations. Watch the video about the project and find out more on the link below.

TEDxESMTBerlin 2022

We are proud of the success of our inaugural TEDx event in February 2021 and are looking forward to our upcoming event in 2022. Stay tuned for more updates and learn about our past event below.

Pro-Bono Consulting Projects

Net Impact has partnered with the ACI Consulting Club of ESMT Berlin and been able to participate in over 4 pro-bono consulting projects for early phase GreenTech start-ups. Reach out to us if you are a young start-up in search of pro-bono consulting. Read more about it on the ESMT Berlin Blog.