Make a positive impact in the world!

Become a part of our network of over 130,000 members and 300 chapters worldwide by actively participating in our initiatives as our partners, sponsors, and members.

What is Net Impact?
Net Impact is a global community of students, professionals, and citizens in over 40 countries from various sectors committed towards sustainability and social impact.
At the Net Impact ESMT Berlin chapter, we accelerate positive change through business. ​We have partnered with various organizations such as start-ups, corporates, NPOs, foundations as well as stakeholders of our business school ESMT Berlin.
What does Net Impact ESMT Berlin offer to partners?
We help our partners position themselves as leaders in sustainability, social responsibility, and impact.  Studying at one of the world’s highest-ranked business schools, as the next generation of leaders, we raise awareness and offer creativity, innovation, as well as effective problem-solving for your social and environmental challenges.
What does Net Impact ESMT Berlin offer to members?
Net Impact boosters opportunities. It gives its members the skills, connections, and experiences they need to maximize their potential and have a lasting social and environmental impact on the world throughout their lives.