Bringing staff and students together to lead ESMT Berlin into the future by acting sustainably and socially-responsible now.

Sustainability Ambassadors Vision statement

The Sustainability Ambassadors are a group of ESMT Berlin staff and Net Impact members that work to improve campus sustainability and help ESMT Berlin reach its sustainability goals.

Among the initiatives they work on are building a Greenhouse in the back lawn of ESMT, improving waste management, and reducing paper usage. Beyond just tangible projects, they also work on getting more sustainability related content into the curriculum of the various degree programs to ensure that the future leaders of global business hold a deep sense of responsibility to the Earth and society in whichever industry they pursue.

Most notably, as of May 2021, the Sustainability Ambassadors have taken on the task of tracking the carbon footprint of ESMT Berlin through the PlanA carbon accounting software. This is a great first step towards ESMT Berlin becoming a role model for other higher education institutions on how to do right. This initiative includes collecting monthly data points from commuting habits and energy usage and assessing what needs to change. Read more about the project on the ESMT Press Release.

As more is achieved, more updates will be given.